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Urgent Hiring? No Problem.

Rapid Candidate Introduction


Find Talents out of 50,000 Candidate-database

We will search for a suitable candidate from our meticulously maintained database of candidate information and introduce the job to the candidate.


Activate over 22,000 Recruiters to Reach Further

More than 22,000 recruiters in Malaysia use the mobile app to receive job orders, find the best candidates from their contacts, and assist to apply for the position.


Screen the Matched Talents by Career Consultant

We introduce the most suitable candidates through a double screening process: automatic screening by technology and screening by professional career consultants.

Not only code, but also accumulated experiences.

Developing for 6 years in Malaysia, Closed 420 cases

Our subsidiary Agensi Pekerjaan Job Search Asia Sdn. Bhd. founded in 2014, and have been supporting more than 380 clients with 2,000 recruitment projects by our technology and professional team.

  • Covers a variety of industries and roles
  • Particularly strong in hiring management and experts
  • Succeeded in Malaysia, Singapore and Japan
We can serve better thanks to all the clients.


非常感谢贵公司,给我们大华马来西亚公司带来的帮助,搜索马来西亚安防行业的专业的、高端的人才推荐给我们,让我们能够在马来西亚本地的市场里取得成绩。 --- We are very grateful to have Seekers to help Dahua Malaysia, in searching and recommending professional and high-end talents in the Malaysia security industry, so that we can achieve results in the local Malaysian market.

Barry Lee

Managing Director - Dahua Technology Co. Ltd

Overall, Seekers managed to understand BASS requirements and the quality of candidates is up to expectation. The entire recruitment process was smooth. Looking forward to collaborating with Seekers team again in the future.

Ms. Bonnie Boon

Human Capital Management - BASS Sdn Bhd

Due to the hiring needs for Malaysia's market, we cooperated with Seekers Malaysia to source for Malaysia's talents. Seekers Malaysia has a strong human resources channel, which helped us to get a lot of experienced sales talent in automotive industry. At the same time, Seekers Malaysia met our different needs and provided solutions promptly.

Mr. Tang

HR - ShenZhen TXZing Technology Co. Ltd.


No Charge until You Hire

Seekers' headhunting service is fully performance-based. Once the contract is signed, we introduce the candidate to you, and only after the hiring decision is made will you be charged.

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Headhunting = Connection × Human Touch

We are developing technology, but successful headhunting often requires human help, such as negotiation, persuasion, and consultation. Therefore, we are developing a headhunting environment that allows more people to cooperate.


Admit the Fact - job posting reaches max. only 5%

Using Google's Keyword Planner, you can find the number of searches per month. And we can see that searches for job postings are only done by about 5% of the population of Malaysians. In other words, job postings are just a way to catch people who are currently looking for a job, not necessarily a way to "find the most suitable candidate".


Use the huge human network rather than having full-time recruiters

Headhunting may sound cool, but in reality it is a very steady process. The difficulty is that it is labor-intensive, especially when it comes to finding people, but we make the search for talent more efficient by asking people inside the industry and those who have a regular network to see if they know anyone.


Our Professional team covers the rest while you reduce the time consumption

It might be nice if technology could solve everything, but there are many situations where the big event of changing jobs is not possible without the help of experienced people. That is why we have formed a team of professional Career Consultant, Corporate Care, and Recruiter Management, so that you can focus on decision-making only.

Any questions?


How much do you charge when a candidate is hired?

Our base price is 15% of the employed candidate's annual salary. It is negotiable if you have multiple projects to ask, or needing the continuous support every month.

Is there a guarantee period? And how long is it?

The guarantee period we usually offer is 3 months, with 100% refund for resignation within 30 days of the commencement date, 50% refund for resignation within 60 days, and 30% refund for resignation within 90 days.

Is it easy to contract? Are there any fees involved to begin a project?

As soon as you contact us, we will assign a Corporate Care staff member to you, so even if it is your first time, you can sign up smoothly. In addition, the contract is a concise two-page document. Also, as of March 2021, we do not take any deposit to start the project.

Do you have a human resources license? Can you handle any international projects?

Yes, Seekers' subsidiary Agensi Pekerjaan Job Search Asia Sdn. Bhd. holds the highest grade C license issued by JTK, the Human Resource Ministry of Malaysia, which basically means that we can handle international projects without any problems.

Is it possible to search for talent without disclosing our logo or company name?

Yes, it is possible. About 1 in 10 cases are like that, and because of the confidential and sensitive nature of the job information, we use a special process where our career consultants screen the candidates and explain your company only to the ones they think are suitable. However, in this case, the number of candidates who apply decreases by about 20%.

How soon can I get a candidate introduced?

Candidates can be introduced within 1 week of the completion of the contract. In fact, we start looking for candidates using our database immediately after receiving an inquiry, so unless the position is rare, we can introduce candidates within 3 days at the earliest.


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Corporate Care

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