Interview Invitation & Confirmation - learn both HR and Candidate sides

Employer May 23, 2023

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Since you found this article, we suppose you are an HR or Candidate, but most probably in a situation to have an interview soon?

Don't worry, you found a right one because we shall explain from both of the sides, so that you can learn more important things than only knowing the email templates (but we'll share the templates as well on section 2)

So, let's get started!

1. Knowing the fact, HR and Candidate are Human. Maybe there's a missing information.

It's important to have a smooth communication between the HR and Candidate to schedule interviews to keep the good impression each other.

However, if none of the side take an initiative to double check the necessary information, you both are going to be in trouble on the interview day, which often lead to be an unsuccessful hiring.

So, we start sharing the method to double check the necessary information for interview (if you are a candidate and notice these proactively and ask gently, it's really good)

The principle is "5W1H" with the following order:

  • What - subject
  • When - date and time
  • Where - location
  • How - method (face to face, phone, Zoom, Skype)
  • Who - PIC (interviewer name and designation)
  • What 2 - things to bring (CV/Resume, Certificates, Pay Slip for recent 3 months)

That's it!

When you send or receive an interview invitation, let's apply this 5W1H in order not to miss the essential information for having a proper interview.

2. Interview Invitation and Confirmation Templates

Interview Invitation Template Pattern 1 - HR already has a fixed schedule to propose to the candidate

Greetings from [company] regarding your job application for [position] - [company] .

Congratulations! You were shortlisted for an interview this week on [Day][Date] at [Time]. Could you please confirm your attendance?

We really appreciate if you could revert on this by [Time] and we will expedite the process.

Thank you.

Interview Invitation Template Pattern 2 - HR collect the availabilities from the candidate first

Greetings from [company] regarding your job application for [position] - [company] .

Congratulations! You were shortlisted for interview. Kindly let us know your two available date and time for the interview session.

We really appreciate if you could revert on this by [Time] and we will expedite the process.

Interview Confirmation Template

Thank you for accepting our interview invitation. Please refer to the following interview details to prepare for the interview.

Emergency Contact:
Things to bring:

Looking forward to seeing you.

That's all! Clear and simple is the best in order to avoid miscommunications.

3. Procedure to Schedule an Interview Properly

Scheduling an interview is quite a sensitive and high responsibility task since some higher management members would be involved in this process.

But if HR can coordinate interviews most of the time in a timely fashion, both the candidate and HR often get higher reputation from the higher up.

To do so, let us clarify the interview coordination procedure:

  1. Check the interview details with internal members
  2. Collect multiple interview availability from internal members
  3. Share the interview availability with the candidate
  4. Send interview confirmation to both internal members and the candidate
  5. Follow up both parties one day before the interview date
  6. Follow up with the candidate 1 hour before the interview
  7. Confirm the arrival of the candidate and start the interview!

The most difficult part is "to identify availability". Procedure 1 and 2 can be switched due to the actual situation (for example if you are having a phone call with the candidate before, you may collect the availability in advance).

Another important step is 6 and 7, following up with the candidate side.

You may say that you do not need a candidate who misses an interview, but somehow your internal reputation does not take it positively.

Therefore, it is better to strive to let the candidate attends the interview properly.

Yes, it involves a lot of work, so if you are looking for a way/tool to make it easy, please refer to the next section.

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