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Employer Jan 14, 2021

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Commonly, we have trained our eyes to skip or view any sort Terms and Agreement (T&C) be it in an app or signing up for an account.

When it comes to job offer letter, unfortunately, most employee-to-be went for the same practice, which is actually like this:

Sorry, this image may be too extreme. However, I think you can kind of imagine that neglecting to check your offer letter or making an offer letter inappropriately is extremely serious.

To prevent this from happening, this article describes 4 things that you should pay special attention to when reviewing offer letters.

If you need a template or sample offer letter, you can download it from the link below.

Google Docs Link of Offer Letter Template

Are you ready with our template? Okay, let's begin!

*In this article, we will refer to the employer/HR as Employer and the candidate/job seeker as Candidate.

#1 Always Check The Dates and Times

The first point is the specific example where miscommunication becomes the cause of the chaos.

Some people do not plan out or do not include their personal schedule when negotiating the dates and times of joining the new company.

However, it may frequently happen that neither the Employer nor the Candidate anticipates this situation.

Alex agreed to join the company on June 1st at the interview. However, when he went home and looked over his schedule, he found that he was scheduled to travel from June 10 to June 14.
He hasn't bothered to tell HR about the trip because he thought it would make a bad impression on him, but tomorrow was the start date already... What should he do now?

Obviously, Alex should have made an early adjustment to the start date, but it was difficult for him to find the best solution on his own.

This is where the importance of reconfirming the start date in the confirmation of the offer letter comes into play.

Employers should re-check with the candidate when issuing the offer letter to ensure that the start date is optimal.

Also, when reading the offer letter, the candidate should check the date carefully and if any changes are needed, this is the best time to start readjusting with HR.

#2 Job Responsibilities - can really perform?

Before issuing a job offer letter, or signing on the document, please always remember to go through the job responsibilities.

Always consider the stated job responsibilities in an offer letter as the final version, after weeks of negotiation and discussion during interviews.

Make sure to cross-check and identify any changes in the job descriptions, from the moment the job being advertised, up until they issue the offer letter.

If so, do you see it's fair level or not? Are the revisions discussed throughout the interview process?

Now, let me explain why I put so many questions in a row.

First of all, if you are an employer, "adding unexplained job responsibilities" may cause you to lose the trust of the candidate and, in the worst case, break the deal.

Secondly, if you are a candidate, the more unexplained job responsibilities you have, the more unmanageable the job may be. In other words, there is a possibility of danger.

#3 Basic Salary - Check if it's CORRECT

Salary is always a deal-breaker in every job offer negotiation.

The questions always pop-up in interviews or during any discussion throughout the process of the hiring.

However, it usually been kept unclear and confidential until  the offer letter is officially issued. Then its a matter to choose or re-negotiate which always break the terms between both parties.

It's exactly the same as the previous section, but since hiring is really the first step in starting to build mutual trust, it's important to honestly state from the beginning the mutually acceptable salary that was agreed upon in the negotiations (it's important for the candidate to check it carefully and sign it).

Each of these communications will eventually lead to a smooth on-boarding process, and the strengthening of the organization will be complete.

#4 Benefits (allowances, perks)

Do you have an enough understanding about perks and benefits? if not, please read this Perks & Benefits article right now to know what's the common practices in 2023.

Even in the job market, hiring company compete to provide the best perks and benefits they can come up with to ensure they secure top talent for their organizations.

Relatively, some people do not look much into the monetary factor when switching job. They would instead find a company who can provide them with work benefits that can help them to have more excellent mental health and work-life balance.

Perks and benefits such as work from home, flexible working hours or extra annual leave might be a tie-breaker whether they sign the offer letter or otherwise. Always ask yourself what you are seeking for your next career move and include perks and benefits as part of the consideration.

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