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Job Title

Salary Range

Affiliate Executive

RM3800 - RM5500

Affiliate Specialist

RM5000 - RM9500

Affiliate Manager

RM6000 - RM8100

Assistant Manager Digital Marketing

RM5000 - RM8500

Assistant Project Manager

RM2500 - RM5800

Associate Product Manager

RM3000 - RM9000

Brand Marketing Strategist

RM2000 - RM8000

Communications Specialist

RM7000 - RM8500

Community Manager

RM6000 - RM12000

Data Scientist

RM5500 - RM9600

Data Analyst / Data Scientist

RM5500 - RM9000

Digital Content Specialist

RM3000 - RM5500

Digital Marketing Executive (SEO)

RM3000 - RM6500

Digital Marketing Manager

RM6000 - RM9000

Digital Media Specialist

RM3000 - RM3500

Digital Marketing Specialist

RM3000 - RM7500

E-commerce Assistant

RM1500 - RM3000

E-commerce Assistant Manager

RM5800 - RM6300

E-commerce Executive

RM2500 - RM5000

E-commerce Senior Executive

RM2800 - RM4500

E-commerce Marketing

RM2500 - RM5500

E-commerce Director

RM10000 - RM12000

Editorial Assistant

RM2500 - RM4500

Head of Marketing

RM7000 - RM15000

Internal Communication Specialist

RM2500 - RM5500

Junior Digital Marketing Strategist

RM2200 - RM2800

Junior Data Scientist

RM3800 - RM6000

Marketing Executive

RM2500 - RM5500

Marketing Specialist

RM3200 - RM5000

Job Title

Salary Range

Marketing Communication Specialist

RM3800 - RM6000

Project Manager

RM5000 - RM10000

Product Marketing Manager

RM7500 - RM10000

Production Assistant

RM2000 - RM2800

Product Manager

RM6000 - RM10000

SEO Executive

RM2600 - RM3800

SEO Manager

RM7000 - RM10000

Senior Ad Performance Specialist

RM5000 - RM7000

Senior SEO Executive

RM4500 - RM5000

Senior SEO Specialist

RM4000 - RM6500

Senior Marketing Executive

RM3800 - RM6000

Senior Marketing Specialist

RM5500 - RM8000

Senior Marketing Manager

RM8000 - RM15000

Senior Performance Marketing Specialist

RM5500 - RM7000

Senior Product Manager

RM10000 - RM18000

Senior Project Manager

RM8000 - RM14500

Senior Social Media Executive

RM3000 - RM4400

Senior Social Media Specialist

RM4000 - RM7000

Social Media & Branding Planner

RM2200 - RM3200

Social Media Associate

RM2000 - RM5500

Social media editor

RM2800 - RM4000

Social media manager

RM6000 - RM12000

Social media strategist

RM3200 - RM5500

Social media management

RM4000 - RM7000

Social Media Specialist

RM3000 - RM6000

Senior Data Scientist

RM9800 - RM14000

Senior Digital Marketing Executive

RM4000 - RM9000

Senior Digital Marketing Specialist

RM3800 - RM7500

Senior Digital Marketing Manager

RM8000 - RM12000

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