George Town RM5000 - RM22000

Various Subject and Homeroom Teaching Positions across China starting February 2021 and August 2021

Job conditions

Allowances: Varies but typically includes accommodation and/or meal allowances and/or children's education allowance

Annual leave: Varies according to educational institutions from national public holidays up to 12 weeks of school holidays

Benefits: Varies but typically includes visa processing, accommodation, annual flights, medical insurance, language lessons, professional development

Holidays: TBD

Probation: TBD

Job Type: TBD

Working Days: TBD

Working Hours: TBD

Skills and Requirements

Minimum Bachelor's degree in a related field of study

Never been declared a bankrupt

Clean police record

Candidates for English teaching positions should have a TEFL/CELTA in addition to their degree if it is not in Language/Literature

High level of proficiency in English and clear, standard English pronunciation

Can be a national of any country

Educational background can be from any country provided the medium of instruction was English

Aged 21 - 59

Experience with established curricula/programmes such as International Baccalaureate, Cambridge IGCSE, A Levels or Montessori is highly desirable

Flexibility and adaptability to work in cross-cultural environments as well as predominantly Chinese-monolingual environments

Excellent classroom management skills, a positive attitude and great patience

Ability to work under pressure

It is advisable to get some basic knowledge of Mandarin prior to arriving in China to help with moving around and living in China

Salaries are typically paid out at the end of the month. Upon arrival, candidates should have enough to sustain themselves until pay day.

Job Responsibilities

Our recruitment agency represents over 1,000 educational institutions in various locations across China. Salaries, benefits, working conditions and hours will vary according to institution and location.

To deliver international/English language programmes at the educational institution to which you are matched (kindergartens, schools, universities and English language centres)

Many teaching assignments will provide a Chinese-speaking classroom assistant

Classroom management (class sizes can vary greatly depending on institution, from 3 students in a private school to 60 students/class in public schools)

Teaching, lesson planning, assessment, related administrative tasks, participating in school activities, supervision of students on site and on field trips

As living costs will vary between larger cities and smaller towns, it is important to consider that salaries do not directly indicate potential for savings. Upon a job offer, candidates must check that employers offer them a Z-visa (not a business visa).

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