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How to be a Seekers' recruiter

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Imagine your network and find a matched position.

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Send the job link & attract suitable people.

Earn Cash

By achieving milestones, earn cash everyday!

How much, how often I can earn?

RM15 per qualified candidate

The most basic reward you can earn everyday.

RM30 per attendend interview

Essential event on any recruitment processes.

RM50 per signed offer letter

Signing must be done for securing the deal.

Completion Bonus

24% of monthly salary will be paid after 1 month.

Special Bonus

Get daily login reward, rank & milestone reward, weekend bonus etc…


Check the mobile app everyday, you’ll see offers!

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Dedicated for passionate recruiters, Seekers app enables you to play, track, and interact
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Access to latest job information, get more chances

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Tap “share job link” or “copy job info”, issue original link

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Restore candidate Information, refer at the best timing


Check the current situation, one tap to access details


Request to withdraw whenever you like

Candidate Tracking

See who is on progress, who needs followup

Loved and trusted by freelancers

Our app is rated as 4.9 stars since launched in November 2018.

Nurul Aishah

" Best freelance recruiting application. I will try my best to help others seeking for their dream job by sharing the job vacancies available in this application. This application is great.."

Hyrie GD

"It's a great platform for a person that want to explore the world of recruiment while not having to quit the current job..For those who have time at home and want to earn extra income.."

Euphemia Ong

"You get to earn attractive referral cash reward by referring qualified candidates to Seekers! Flexible working hours. Highly recommended for those who would like to earn some side income. "

Nivek thiren

" Excellent. This app creates an opportunity to seek for multiple jobs based on our interest. Plus, we can get the reward by suggesting people with the jobs according to the criterias required. "

Cik Laa

" This app is really wonderful for someone who being as a freelance recruiter under this company. It help me to get more easier for the link and information about new vacancies... "

Fairul nazmi

" And great way to learn and explore the challenges of recruitment world and not having to quit your current job. And you can do it at your own home. Besides it's a good way of earning extra income "

What is Seekers?

Where can I register?

How do I refer jobs to my friend through Seekers?

Would my identity be exposed?

How do I know whether my friend has applied the job through Seekers?

What will happen after my friend apply the job through Seekers?

How long will Seekers get back to us after attending the job interview from hiring company?

Can I know the reason of rejection?

How can I get the money?

Do you have any advice to get money faster?

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