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Refer Hiring Manager to Seekers' Headhunting Service & Earn Cash Rewards up to RM5,000 upon Their Approval


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Refer Quality Businesses to Seekers

At Seekers, we appreciate the power of your network. When you introduce us to high-quality hiring manager, we'll put cash directly in your pocket for every qualified lead you bring in! It's our way of showing gratitude for helping us expand.

Trust us to support your success, and together, let's build a thriving community that benefits us all!


How it Works?

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Imagine earning cash rewards simply by connecting us with your contacts. We're here to spill the beans on how it works, so you can start referring them to us right away. Get ready to unlock a world of opportunity and rewards.

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Fill out our simple referral form and share your contact's details with us. We'll take it from there!

Fast Evaluation

Our expert team quickly evaluates the eligibility of referred companies. We waste no time in assessing their potential.

Get Your Rewards

Once the referred company is approved, you'll be rewarded up to RM5,000 with cash straight to your pocket. It's that easy to reap the benefits of your valuable connections!

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Tech Industry

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IT Industry

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