Let Seekers Hire & Manage your worldwide team

Manage the employment and compensation of your remote employees, including tax and legal compliance, payroll processing, and other HR-related tasks.

Worldwide Recruitment

Let's get you set up to hire your remote team globally.

HR Management

Our global-first solution manages HR for your entire team and every worker.

Global Payroll

Pay all employees promptly and in their respective local currencies.

Applicants List

Efzal Rifqi

Web Developer

Pham Van Duc

HR Manager

Aoi Yamada

Sales Executive

Acquire exceptional talent from abroad without establishing a separate corporate entity

Many companies lack the expertise to handle the difficulties associated with hiring globally.

One of the initial concerns that arise is the requirement for setting up a legal entity, and if not, what alternative options are available for hiring personnel abroad.

Let Seekers take care of the legal and administrative responsibilities while you concentrate on integrating your new hire into your worldwide team.

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The perks of choosing our services

Low Cost

Highly skilled overseas candidates can now be hired at a lower cost compared to hiring in your own country

No Local Legal Entity

Allows for rapid market development without establishing a local branch

Rapid Global Response

Quickly and easily hire diverse employees from around the world

Hiring Top Talent From Any Location Globally

We offer our assistance in sourcing top-tier talent from multiple countries in Southeast Asia and South Asia, including Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, India, Indonesia, Philippines, and Pakistan.

Find A Global Talent


What will be the nature of the employment arrangement?

We can handle various types of employment arrangements, such as full-time employees, contract employees, and freelancers. However, there may be cases where we cannot accommodate depending on the recruitment requirements, so please contact us for further details.

What types of employee can we request for recruitment?

What are the cases where companies request global talent recruitment?

What countries can we request recruitment from?

Can you explain the pricing structure?

What size or type of companies can use this service?

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