Employment Pass Process Application via Expats Service Center (MDEC)

Employer Jan 04, 2021

The eXpats Service Centre provided by MDEC is a one-stop center agency, established in 2007 to make ease of the Employment Pass process.

Apart from providing Employment Pass service to MSC and Non-MSC status ICT companies, eXpats Service offers additional services of Helpdesk, Emergency Hotline, and Consultancy.

Now, let's check out the Application Steps for MSC and Non-Msc ICT companies!

MSC Status Company Application


After the MSC status registration, the eXpats Service Centre will send an invitation email and other necessary documents for a company to fill up alongside the registration.

Now, for the next steps, your company can start the FKW Projection.

Steps 1: FKW Projection

*Without a FKW Projection, companies are unable to submit a FKW Application

For the FKW Projection, a company needs to fill details regarding the needs of hiring expatriates. This FKW Projection will be processed in 14 days period as below:

  1. FKW Projection Submission.
  2. Reviewing process by the FKW Committee.
  3. A Decision by the committee will be made.

Steps 2: Approval


During the FKW Application submission, the company will be informed in 7 days regarding the application status with the below scenario:

  1. FKW Application Submission & Online Payment.
  2. Verification Process of the application details & documents by MDEC.
  3. Decision Making by MDEC & Immigration.
  4. Approval or Rejection Letter is issued via eXpats system.

Steps 3: Endorsement


During this endorsement period, company will undergo this process:

1. Passport Submission - The applicant must obtain approval before entering Malaysia, and the company needs to prepare online payment for Immigration Fees. Once done, the company needs to submit an application Passport for the MDEC process.

2. A pass is Issued - Immigration will issue endorsement sticker attached with the passport.

3. Passport Collection - Company may collect the passport back from eXpats Service Center.

Non-MSC Status Company Application


For the Non-MSC company, several steps are required to hire the expatriate under the MDEC eXpats Service Centre:

Steps 1: Submission


Prior to eXpats services' subscription, the ICT companies must fulfill the following eligibility criteria and conditions:

Source by: MDEC eXpats Service Centre

For eligible applications, the ICT companies must register the company's detail and submit all relevant documentation here.

Plus, don't forget to refer to this Checklist Documents for Non-MSC Company!

Steps 2: Assessment


The eXpats Service Centre will assess the application and the documentation to verify the company registration. This process includes validating info on Company Profile and a site visit to the company premises.

The company shall be officially notified of the application result in one month. However, if the documentation is incomplete or further clarification is required, the assessment process may take longer.

So, take note and prepare a complete document!

Steps 3: Acceptance



Now your company may proceed with the FKW Projection and follows the below steps:

  1. FKW Projection
  2. Approval
  3. Endorsement

Contact Seekers now for Employment Pass/Other Immigration Service:

PIC: Faridah

Email: [email protected]


These procedures are from Immigration Department of Malaysia. There is a possibility of procedure changes by the MDEC.  

Source by: eXpats Service Centre

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