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Software Engineer (JAVA) (WFH)

Software Engineer

1 day ago

RM8500 - RM17000

Full Time



Job Description

The Java software engineer is responsible to design and develop web applications by using Java programming.

Key Responsibilities

  • Design, code, test, debug web applications.
  • Design and develop business function system.
  • Design and execute documented unit and system tests.
  • Analyze and solve problems in the software development process.
  • Cooperate with the project manager to complete the relevant task objectives.

Skills & Experiences

  • College degree or above in computer, information technology or related majors
  • Master the Java language, familiar with SpringMvc, Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, Mybatis and other frameworks, and familiar with microservice architecture
  • Solid programming skills, master network protocols, multi-threading, data structure algorithms, distributed development, have good object-oriented analysis, design, development capabilities and ideas, and have a certain understanding of common design patterns and application scenarios
  • Master SQL development, SQL tuning, familiar with Postgresql/Mysql/Oracle
  • Proficiency in various development tools, construction tools and management tools, such as Git, Idea, Maven, Jenkins, etc
  • Familiar with distributed frameworks, caching technology, and capable of designing high-concurrency architectures
  • Product-oriented modular thinking, strong sense of responsibility, resistance to pressure, eager to learn, like to delve into new technologies, and able to communicate and collaborate across teams
  • Fluent in Mandarin as this role required to liaise with Mandarin speaker clients

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Job Conditions:

Probation Period:

6 month


25 - 50

Job Type:





10am - 7pm




Mon - Fri

Malaysia Only:


Annual Leave:

12 days


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