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白黑帽 SEO Specialist / Digital marketing specialist (Based at Phillippines) (2 to 3 Headcount)

Digital Marketing

4 weeks ago

RM7500 - RM12500

Full Time



Job Description

白黑帽 SEO Specialist / Digital marketing specialist (Based at Phillipines)

Key Responsibilities

  • Monitor, analyze, evaluate, and locate website keywords, set keyword strategies, and improve search engine traffic;
  • Able to write SEO plans and arrange their implementation, timely and effectively promote the cooperation with the coordination department;
  • Pay attention to the industry market, do a good job in competitor analysis, including product analysis, channel analysis and operation strategy analysis, and regularly issue operation optimization plans;
  • Weekly statistics and analysis of SEO related data: daily average IP, keyword ranking, visiting keywords, visiting URL, etc.;
  • Mastering the fast ranking technology of search engines is a priority (Baidu, 360, Sogou, Shenma), and can independently complete Baidu seo work.

Skills & Experiences

  • Master white and black hat SEO: build a spider pool, operate pan-directory, reverse-generation catalog, create pan-site groups, etc., expand new black hat SEO techniques, and be familiar with parasites and other means. (Priority will be given to applicants with cases);
  • Responsible for building a website, maintaining a website, optimizing ranking maintenance, etc. Those with available resources are given priority;
  • Through search engine optimization, improve the website's ranking in search engines for relevant keywords;
  • Responsible for the management optimization of the buying station (cases are preferred)

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Job Conditions:

Probation Period:



25 - 40

Job Type:





11 and 2 hours meal break




26 days work @ month / 4 days off @ month

Malaysia Only:


Annual Leave:

15 days @ 6 months / 30 days @ 12 months


1) Flight tickets.. 2) Accomodation.. 3) Medical.. 4) Transportation.. 5) Working Visa.. 6) 2 Meals 2 day..

Job Skills

Mandarin Speaking

Tech / Digital

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VTECH Network Technology

Primary Industry:

Digital Marketing

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