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IT Manager (Infrastructure)

Infrastructure Engineer

23 weeks ago

RM7500 - RM8500

Full Time



Job Description

The Information Technology Manager is responsible for the overall direction, monitoring, work schedules, training, development, and evaluation of all information technology staff.

Key Responsibilities

  • Reports to IT Director in Japan, Manage 7 local Malaysian Programmers, 2 local Malaysian Technical Support
  • IT Networking Task: 
  • Creating new network troubleshooting strategies to reduce downtime and maintenance costs.
  • Developing logical strategies for upgrading the company's network software whenever a new update becomes available.
  • Creating and implementing plans to keep the company's network running smoothly in the event of a problem.
  • Keeping abreast of new network technology and reporting this information to the executive team each quarter
  • Working closely with other department managers to assess the company's network's growth needs and maintenance.
  • Database Management System task
  • Planning, installation, maintenance, and upgrade of IT systems and personnel. 
  • Database management system software. i.e SAP , Payroll software, accounting banking 
  • Development software environment . Joget , e-documents, Enterprise resource planning software i.e microsoft 360
  • Hardware troubleshooting task
  • Maintaning some electronic device asset 
  • Day-to-day tasks may also include running diagnostics on computer networks, replying to disruptions , and performing upgrades and maintenance.
  • Assisting company engagement events - set up hardware. 

Skills & Experiences

  • Bachelor's degree in IT or equivalent experience
  • Minimum 5 years experience in IT Networking infrastructure & Database Management System
  • Good hardware troubleshooting skill. 
  • Able to work independently, resourceful in troubleshooting and prompt technical support. 
  • Communicate well in English, good leadership & organizational skill. 
  • Good time management

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Job Conditions:

Probation Period:

3 month


30 - 50

Job Type:



Meal allowances


8am to 6pm




Monday to Friday

Malaysia Only:


Annual Leave:



Outpatient benefit, Medical insurance card, Group PA insurance, Free parking, EPF, SOCSO, EIS

Job Skills

it manager

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Port Klang

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