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Who we are?

About Us

UTEC was first established in Singapore on 9 December 2014, where it was founded by Shanghai Tunnel Engineering Co (Singapore) Pte. Ltd., STEC. UTEC specializes in civil and tunnel infrastructure construction works, with projects based locally and throughout Asia Pacific.

The Company draws on the skills and expertise of its people to deliver tailored underground engineering solutions, striving to provide the best engineering solution and economics to its client.

Over the last few years, it has slowly established itself as a specialist underground construction company in the Asia Pacific, with operations in Singapore, India, Hong Kong, Malaysia and venturing into emerging markets in Vietnam and Macau. As part of our expansion, we have set up a branch office in Malaysia on 5 August 2019 to tap on the growing civil engineering market.

Our Vision

Providing innovative, cost effective and sustainable solutions to underground works, bringing the best engineering solutions to our clients and all the stakeholders.

Our Featured Projects

Since its establishment as a Contractor in underground works, the Company has been involved in projects not only in Singapore, but as far as India as well. The more notable contracts are:


PUB – DTSS Contract T-11

Contract T-11 of PUB’s DTSS phase 2 features the most number of shafts amongst the 5 DTSS tunnel contracts. As the subcontractor for the construction of TBM shafts and tunnelling works, UTEC is the first contractor in Southeast Asia to ever deploy the use of a Vertical Shaft Machine for the mechanized construction of the TBM shafts. A total number of 5 such shafts have been constructed to a depth of approximately 40m. By using the VSM, the project is expected to see an improvement in up to 60% in terms of construction speed.

LTA – T206

Completed in September 2017, the Company has successfully completed the tunnelling works with the use of 3 Earth Pressure Balance machines and 2 Slurry Pressure Balance machines for the construction of tunnels between Woodlands Station and Woodlands Avenue 12, inclusive of the reception tunnels to Mandai Depot.


MMRCL – UGC07 (India)

Awarded in 2017, this subcontract involves the construction of a 4.2km twin-bored tunnel and 3 underground stations with 2 EPB TBMs, and a dual-mode TBM.

Prasarana Malaysia Berhad – KL LRT 3 (Malaysia)

Appointed in 2019 as a Joint Venture partner, this contract involves the construction of a 2.5km twin-bored tunnel and its stations in the eastern section of the LRT3 contract.

CEDD – Kai Tak Development Stage 3B (Hong Kong)

The Company was appointed to construct a 133m underground pedestrian walkway in the metropolitan area of Kowloon in 2019. It is also the first time that a rectangular pipejacking machine would be used for underground construction in Hong Kong.

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