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Who we are?

1. Introduction: Start with a brief introduction of your company, including its history, mission, and vision.
Newly setup company to handle incoming projects.
Mission: To provide effective, secure and easy to use software solution strategies to clients.
Vision: To be a recognised solutions provider of cutting edge ICT technologies based in Sarawak

2. Products and Services: Describe the products and services your company offers, including their features and benefits.

3. Target Market: Identify your target market and explain how your products and services meet their needs.

4. Competitive Advantage: Highlight your company's competitive advantage, such as unique features, quality, or customer service.
We provide flexible working environment with minimum supervision. We value transparency and employees would appreciate our truthfulness in handling daily operation.

5. Team: Introduce your team and their qualifications, including their experience and expertise.
Manager - Degree in IT with more than 10 years experience in software development.
Developer - Degree in IT with 2 years web developing experience. Part time online tutor.

6. Achievements: Mention any notable achievements or awards your company has received.
We managed to successfully launch a total of 6 CRM projects with our limited resources.

7. Partnerships: Discuss any partnerships or collaborations your company has formed with other businesses or organizations.
Supremacy Agrotech. We helped set up and maintain their inventory and monitoring system.

8. Future Plans: Share your company's future plans and goals, including any upcoming product launches or expansion plans.
Since we have multiple projects coming in, our short term planning is to expand our IT team with 2-3 more developers. Long term plan - move to a new office with at least 10 developers ready to handle more projects.

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