Recruitment Agencies in Malaysia 2021 | How to choose the best headhunting service?

Employer Jan 14, 2021

Do you know how many Recruitment Agencies are in Malaysia as of 2021?

There are 1,024 Recruitment Agencies! (and this is the number of officially registered agencies)

It's very difficult to find the most suitable one out of 1,000 options, so let us please disclose 3 facts, and conclude the method in the end.

Fact 1: Recruitment Agency = Database Business

Recruitment Agencies in Malaysia 2020 | How to choose the best one? 2

Yes, recruitment agency is actually a database business. In order to understand it, let's see what agencies are doing as 5 steps:

  1. Get a recruitment case from you (=client)
  2. Find multiple candidates from the database (target is around 10)
  3. Make sure the interest from the candidates (target is around 3)
  4. Introduce the candidates to you
  5. Handle the recruitment process (interview - offer - join - retention), and close the case.

The candidates' information are simultaneously updated to the latest one on the process, which maintains the quality of the database up to date.

It's heck of a ground work, but that's the reason why recruitment agency has a lot of employees inside. That's also perhaps the reason why there are 994 registered recruitment agencies in Malaysia.

Anyway, on this chapter we just wanted you to know that it's a database business, so finding a right agency is like a finding a right database.

But don't you wonder where the database came from? Yes, it's the next chapter, and you'll be able to identify the strength of each agency after reading.

Fact 2: Origin of The Database

Recruitment Agencies in Malaysia 2020 | How to choose the best one? 3

To be honest, the database is everywhere. Facebook, LinkedIn, or all over the internet world.

However, they are unfortunately not in a best form for the recruitment purpose. We can barely know candidates' expertise or experiences.

That's why there is a "guessing specialist" called Recruiter!

Whenever the recruitment agency received a sourcing request which is not matched with their database, agency orders their recruiters to find the candidates from outside of the database.

The recruiters start guessing where the targets are, read the profiles until they smell something, and get connected with the soft targets first.

If lucky, that's the candidate. But often they are not the exact-match, so the recruiter starts connecting with as many people as possible within or around that network.

Again, it's heck a lot of ground work. But eventually the information is accumulated (even from one project, 10 or more candidates' information can be gained).

This is the reason why each agency has different strength. Yes, it is made by you and other clients' request basis.

Therefore, you should check the opening positions on the webpage first. If nothing is disclosed, you can ask what are the current projects.

Now, you can explore with the clearer insight. We hope you are confident to communicate with each agency with a fair understanding.

So for the last, let's match with your budget.

Fact 3: Recruitment Fee Structure

Recruitment Agencies in Malaysia 2020 | How to choose the best one? 4

We made a particular article for this topic. Please refer to "Recruitment Fee in Malaysia 2020" if you wanna know the details.

Okay, we just put the practical information only here since you must be a busy business person!

Recruitment Fee = (Monthly Salary x 12 months) x Agency Rate

Tables below are the typical agency rate:

Agency Rate 1: Candidate's Monthly Salary basis

Candidate's Monthly Salary Agency Rate
Below RM4,999 15%
RM5,000 - RM9,999 18%
RM10,000 or above 20%

Agency Rate 2: Candidate's Job Title basis

Candidate's Job Title Agency Rate
Below Manager 15%
Manager / Senior Manager 18%
C Class 20%

Agency Rate 3: Expertise / Nationality Basis

Candidate's Expertise / Nationality Agency Rate
Malaysian 13%
Foreigner / Expat +5%
IT Programmer +5%

Recruitment agencies often mix these factors and possess their original rate, so you don't have to remember the rates above now.

Whenever you get a new TOB (terms of business) from the agency, please feel free to come back here to check back.

But yes, now you may be overwhelmed for selecting an agency. So, here is the solution from us.

Seekers: Flat Rate Headhunting with 50k database made by over 800 headhunting cases

SRS ("Seekers Recruitment System")

Seekers started the business as a Headhunting Tech company since 2016 in Malaysia. We have more than 50,000 candidates in our database, and also affiliating with over 22,000 Malaysians as a freelance-recruiter as of December 2020.

Our database is strong in Senior Executive - Management Level (RM4,000 - RM15,000 class), all industry and specializations.

Regarding the fee, since the market price is too expensive, and the agency rate is often unfair, we offer you only the flat rate Max 15%.

If you don't have the time to investigate the agencies, we wish you could consider using Seekers.

Contact our Corporate Care

Ezzati | Corporate Care Executive
[email protected]
011 - 1632 5702

Specialist Recruitment Management Services in Malaysia

Seekers Malaysia is a results-driven, performance-based headhunting service that provides career consultancy, corporate support, and recruitment management services to help employers find and hire specialist talents across different digital and technological fields of expertise.

Our unique approach of combining technology with an extensive database of over 22,000 freelance recruiters allows us to quickly and efficiently identify and locate highly skilled and experienced professional talents best suited for your business goals and needs.

Learn more about our headhunting services or contact us to discuss your recruitment needs. We look forward to helping you find the right talents to drive your organisation’s growth.

We hope this articled helped you, and looking forward to hearing your enquires as well. Have a good recruitment!

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