All About IT Recruitment in Malaysia 2023 | Methods & Tips

Employer Mar 7, 2021

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Since you are visiting this article, we assume you are in trouble to hire IT talents such as PHP Developer or Python Engineer.

Yes, they are a bit different people, and also you need some particular knowledge in terms of IT.

But please don't worry, it is somehow a recruitment, you don't have to be able to code the programs or what.

All you need to know is "What Do the Software Developers Do?".

Let's begin!

IT Recruitment 1: The Actual Appearance of IT Things

All About IT Recruitment in Malaysia 2020 | Methods & Agencies 2

Look at the image above. Yeah I feel you, kind of a headache... (or remember the movie MATRIX?)

But this 1 and 0 thing is the actual appearance of what Software Engineers are coding everyday!

It's not sure what the image above is actually saying, but it could be just "Hello World" sentence.

Yes, even pushing the word "Hello World" on your computer needs tremendous amount of 1 and 0.

It's impossible for the normal people to remember the order of 1 and 0, so let's learn how Software Developers are remembering and manipulating it every single day.

IT Recruitment 2: Programing Languages

All About IT Recruitment in Malaysia 2020 | Methods & Agencies 3

I am sure that you have ever heard the term "Programing Languages", but it seems to be a hard thing right?

Yes, it is hard, but somehow they are the tools to write that 1 and 0 thing easier.

Therefore, you can assume that programming languages are pretty much same as normal languages.

There is an objective to tell/instruct, so people choose the right language to use in order to accomplish it.

It is also quite similar to martial arts, please refer to the image below:

All About IT Recruitment in Malaysia 2020 | Methods & Agencies 4

Think about the objective, it's the same. Beat the opponent!

There are several ways to beat the opponent, and some are similar (like boxing and kick-boxing).

Same thing goes to the Programming Languages, even though the purpose is that 1 and 0 thing, there are good languages and bad language to use based on the objective.

Let's look into it!

IT Recruitment 3: Connect the Languages with Recruitment Objective

All About IT Recruitment in Malaysia 2020 | Methods & Agencies

Please look at the image above, it's the mapping of programing languages. Simply, there are either freedom or strict, and either frontend or backend.

Firstly, let's understand the reason why there are Freedom and Strict.

Freedom or Strict? Why?

Imagine you are in the middle of 100 people now, and want to have dinner at 6 pm together.

In that case, you or somebody has to align the understanding and conduct it properly.

In order to do so, important thing is a RULE. So yeah, the language JAVA is actually for that way, made for a bigger team to sustain the environment strictly, so that even if a new member joined now, she can understand the existing code thanks to the strict rule (=syntax).

Then, it's time to learn the vertical part, frontend and backend.

Frontend and Backend? What's the difference?

This is actually simple, please understand as:

Frontend = Visualization
Backend = System

In order to understand a bit more, let's use our Seekers website to explain.

Here, let's focus on the alignment. Please look at the logo on the above. From there, all the contents below are aligned well on left. Why?

It's because of the frontend work, software engineers are instructing with the coding work. (this is done by HTML and CSS only)

Regarding the backend, which is a system, simple one is "LOGIN".

If it's only the frontend work, the login button is just a button, and never happens anything when you pushed it.

However, thanks to the backend system, Seekers know who are registered already, so every time you push the button, our system is matching with our database whether it's correct or not.

Connect the IT Knowledge to the Recruitment

Have you gained the rough idea of IT things? So whenever you are asked to hire an IT candidate you just need to think whether it's only the appearance development, or including the system thing.

If it's both, the developer is called "Full Stack Developer", so you must find the one who can use it. And in that case, the team is often small, so go for the freedom way in order to code / develop the platform quickly.

If you are asked based on the language, the recruitment is extremely simple. You only need to key in the term such as "PHP" or "Python" and hit the ones. Then, only need to ask "Have you ever done the similar project, or do you find the familiarity with our project?"

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