New SRS Company Page Builder - Complete Guideline 2021

Employer Jan 12, 2021

Thank you for choosing SRS as a hiring partner, this is Shu from Seekers.

As you can see on SRS already, we have some updates based on the feedback from you all. (We are so sorry if you are bothered by the sudden update, but all the updates are really for your successful hiring)

On this article, I shall explain particularly about the Company Page Builder.

Hope you can spare a couple of minutes to look over this article, and make your hiring project more successful :)

About the New Company Page Builder

Do you see the 5 tabs on this Edit Profile page? Yes, they are the new features.

It may take around 30 mins to 1 hour to complete this page, but you'd gain 3 big benefits:

  • Informative Page = Higher Candidate Engagement: 70 - 80% of candidates check your company information before applying.
  • Strong SEO = Higher Exposure: as Google officially stated that they will prioritize unique pages, our free-style company page builder makes your page simply strong.
  • Higher Seekers Ranking = Higher Exposure: completed pages are prioritized in Seekers platform. (we'll deploy this algorithm by April 2021)

So, why not spending some time to complete the page, right? Let me quickly explain how to make it.

Profile - complete it with a sense of formality

This page is nothing special. As long as your information is formally filled out, you are very good to go.

However, if you roughly completed it when you register to SRS, please check them back right now. Here is the check list for you:

  • Is company name officially written? (including the capital letters?)
  • Is the Industry chosen correctly? (otherwise your company will be listed wrongly, and our system does not work properly to support you)
  • Is the overview well written? (bold and underline are quite helpful to increase the readability)

That's all, but please don't forget to hit the "UPDATE" button. You'll see the confirmation like this:

Cover Photo - get the expected impression

This is one of the most demanded features from many users, so we made it!

From the candidate side's perspective, this photo is the very first information that they will see. Therefore, it's really important to choose the right one for you.

But indeed, it is hard to come up with "the right one", so let me share some examples:

Cover Photo Example 1: Impression Focus

Even though it does have nothing to do with our business, the page looks so well.

The first impression is pretty important to let candidates read more, so if you don't know what to upload, this is one of the best options to go for.

Cover Photo Example 2: Brand Emphasis

Requires a simple design skill though, putting your logo and some products work perfectly.

If your company is producing either hardware or software, this is also a recommended cover photo style.

Cover Photo Example 3: Team Photo

If you already have a good team photo, it can be the best option because it gains a trust at the first sight.

Only the drawback is when the team members are changed, you may need to take a new photo again.

At last, here is the image spec preferences:

  • Format: JPEG only
  • Size of Image: H600 x W1280 px
  • File Size: Less than 3MB (recommended to reduce the size with

Story - highly flexible text content creation tool

story - history of Seekers Technology Sdn. Bhd.

This feature was also created based on feedback. We received various requests for text content, such as "I want to write about my company's culture" or "I want to post my company's history," so we developed this highly flexible text content creation tool.

Though again, it might be hard to come up with the contents, so let me share my example:

As you can see, there are 2 contents added. Here is the edit screen:

It's very simple, just add the headline, contents, and choose the color of background. So that, you'll see the contents like this:

Modern people may not read the text very well, but don't worry. It's not a waste at all because text is extremely powerful in terms of SEO.

Even if you know nothing about SEO, please simply think that people will find your page more.

Benefits - list with selectable icons

benefits of Seekers Technology Sdn. Bhd.

The content that candidates are always concerned about, benefits.

On other sites, the content that can be chosen is fixed or written only in text, making it difficult to convey, so we made it possible to choose icons freely.

In order to find your expected icon, I suggest to "guess and type" like this:

typed "time"

I just typed "time" in order to find an icon which looks like a clock.

After choosing and writing the description, you'd see the created benefit like this:

It's fun, hope you have some time to try them out :)

Thank you for being patient, this is the last module to explain, which is the most powerful one!

As I mentioned on the Story part, modern people do not read text so much (so really appreciated if you are reading mine now).

However, on the other hand, photos are like a king. Everyone loves to see.

So, let's just upload and put the description precisely, so that you'd get this completed company page!

By the way, if you need the mockup photos like ours, you can refer to this website:

Thank you very much for reading, and sorry I ended up writing 1,000 words in this article... well, I really wish your success on your recruitment project.

If you had any ideas, problems, or any feedback, please let us know, thanks!

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