Kuala Lumpur RM40 - RM47

Telephony Recording Project (Malay, Thai, or Vietnamese)

Job conditions

Allowances: TBD

Annual leave: TBD

Benefits: TBD

Holidays: TBD

Probation: TBD

Job Type: Part Time

Working Days: Flexible

Working Hours: 4 HRS

Skills and Requirements

Join Appen Apply online today! A global leader in speech and search technology services. Help us on a voice recording collection project to develop automatic speech recognition solution.

We are looking for Native Malay, Vietnamese, Thai speakers for an exciting work from home opportunity.

Applicants must be self-motivated and internet savvy and there is no previous work experience or college degree required to apply for our jobs. If you know how to navigate the internet and has enough resources to perform the task, then you are good to proceed with the application.

Project Description:

This project aims to collect natural conversations via telephone from participants based in VIETNAM, MALAYSIA, OR THAILAND to help improve speech technology.

You should have a computer and a phone to finish this task.

You will be making up to eight 15-minute phone calls, IN VIETNAM, MALAYSIA, THAILAND, to friends or family members (stay in different room) with our Appens online telephony platform (calls are free of charge).

Note: please contact the receiver (friends or family members) first. They should agree to being recorded.

Conversation topics contain shopping, delivery status checking, telecom related, appointment booking/cancelling, taxi booking/cancelling, food delivery, customer complain, chat, marketing, outbound call, travel, financial related. You can choose from above topics.


You MUST be a Native (Malay/Vietnamese/Thai) speakers that is required for the task.

Equipment requirements: Computer and Smartphone

The tasks and comprehensive guidelines will be provided to you once you got in.

Want to get started today? Become an Appen Contributor now!

Please follow the steps below on how to create an Appen Connect account:

1. Visit the Appen website, kindly use the link to proceed with the registration:

2. To join the project choose (Malay-Malaysia, Vietnamese-Vietnam, or Thai-Thailand) as your primary language.

3. Complete the Registration page and click the Submit Application button to create and complete your Appen Connect account. Once your account has been created, click the "Continue" button on the upper left side of your dashboard -- "Unlock More Projects!", complete the required information to unlock more projects.

4. Opt In to the Appen China Platform using your Appen Connect Credentials and complete the documents. Please check your email from time to time as we will invite you on the project.

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Linguistic Specialties (Text to Speech, Computational, Phonetics, Pronunciation, Annotation, etc.)

Let us know if you have any questions regarding the opportunity.

We are extremely excited to have you join the Appen 9 Crowd and participate in the Project!

A diverse, inclusive culture is vital to our mission of helping build better AI. We offer opportunities for individuals of all abilities and backgrounds.



5.875 USD per call (15 mins), 47 USD to complete this project. And make sure the valid audio hour more than 1 hour.

Job Responsibilities

A diverse, inclusive culture is vital to our mission of helping build better AI. We offer opportunities for individuals of all abilities and backgrounds.

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