Kuala Lumpur RM2000 - RM3500

Research & Content Executive

Job conditions

Allowances: TBD

Annual leave: TBD

Benefits: TBD

Holidays: TBD

Probation: TBD

Job Type: Permanent

Working Days: Monday - Friday

Working Hours: 9 am - 6 pm

Skills and Requirements

Preferred Experience and Knowledge

A Diploma in any relevant field

Digital skills knowledge (online research, Google Workspace - Sheets, Drive, Gmail)

Background in research

Passionate about Education Technology (EduTech) and creating digital education content

Knowledge of community and social work, impact organisations, fundraising, and education

Believes in the vision, mission, and strategic goals of SOLS.

Necessary technical, functional or language skills

Basic knowledge in HTML5 & CSS;

English proficiency (B2 level);

Bahasa Malaysia proficiency;

Organises and completes tasks accurately and in a clear and transferable manner;

Establish, build and maintain effective working relationships with staff to facilitate the provision of support;

Knowledge and interest in remote learning, tech in education, and lifelong growth and development;

Consistently approaches work with a positive, constructive attitude, an eye for detail and seeking to improve processes;

Demonstrates openness to feedback, improvement, change and has the ability to manage complexities;

Demonstrates integrity by modelling the SOLS values and ethical standards.

Job Responsibilities

Key Responsibilities and Accountabilities

Research various online education and learning tools and platforms

Compile, verify information accuracy, and organise the resources into accessible databases

Collaborate with the programme team to match external resources with internal programmes

Collaborate with the tech team to ensure resources are easily accessible to beneficiaries via the web app

Compile programme documentation and prepare them for the Tech teams usage

Key Targets and Results

The KPIs align to the ongoing strategic development of the organisation and the active programs at the time of service

Growth of online directory

Growth of knowledge resources for students

Improve the tools and technologies used for teaching and learning

The KPIs follow the ongoing strategic development of the organisation and the active programs at the time of service.

Growth of online directory.

Growth of knowledge resources for students.

Improve the tools and technologies used for teaching and learning.

SOLS 24/7

SOLS 24/7 is a leading in-person and online education provider for the poor.

Starting out as experts in teaching English to those with zero or very basic English proficiency, we have since branched out to encompass Employable English skills for school, university, business purposes as well as becoming a job preparation and digital education provider.

Through various education, social empowerment programmes, an online education platform: Progressive Web app and android app targeted for the bottom 40 population, SOLS 24/7 works unconditionally towards transforming underserved communities to become aware of their true potential, break the cycle of poverty and move towards middle-class society.

SOLS 24/7 provides free education, vocational and social empowerment programmes to communities with a strong focus in Malaysia and Indonesia.

  • Over 550,000 students in 7 countries over the last 21 years.
  • Over 100 full-time team members from more than 20 countries.

In addition to providing services to those in need, our track record includes providing English training, Digital Skills, NGO transformation & crowdfunding programmes to government ministries, agencies, private and public corporations, as well as universities and schools.

Over the years SOLS has implemented nationwide programs and pioneered solutions in Education, Renewable Energy, Technology for NGOs and Community Mental Health.

SOLS 24/7 is a tax-exempt, non-profit organization, registered in Malaysia with registration number 811025T.

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