Petaling Jaya RM2000 - RM3000

Primary and Early Years Assistant Teacher

Job conditions

Allowances: TBD

Annual leave: TBD

Benefits: TBD

Holidays: TBD

Probation: TBD

Job Type: Permanent

Working Days: Monday - Friday

Working Hours: 7mam - 5 pm

Skills and Requirements

- At least 2 years experience in handling child

Job Responsibilities

Job Description

The Assistant Teacher will assist the Homeroom Teacher with the following duties:

Teach Kindergarten according to the prescribed Cambridge curriculum

Be aware at all times of the whereabouts of all students and monitor them constantly to ensure their safety

Observe students during daycare, provide them with activities and assignments during this time

Administer nap time to the class at the prescribed time, with the necessary resources and safety precautions

Provide a variety of learning experiences that actively engage students and are appropriate for their individual needs

Develop year plans, unit plans, and lesson plans

Establish and communicate clear objectives for learning activities

Incorporate a variety of learning materials and resources

Differentiate to meet students' varying needs

Instruct and monitor students in the use of learning materials and equipment

Use relevant technology to support instruction

Observe and evaluate student's performance and development

Assign and grade class work, homework, tests and assignments

Provide appropriate feedback on work

Encourage and monitor the progress of individual students

Maintain accurate and complete records of students' progress and development

Update all necessary records accurately and completely including on the schools teacher/parent online portal

Prepare required reports on students and activities

Manage student behavior

Maintain discipline in accordance with the expectations of the school

Apply appropriate disciplinary measures where necessary as prescribed in the schools disciplinary policy.

Perform certain pastoral duties including but not limited to student support, counseling students with academic problems, and providing student encouragement

Participate in extracurricular activities such as social activities, sporting activities, clubs, and student organizations

Attend and participate in faculty and parent meetings

Communicate necessary information regularly to students, colleagues, and parents regarding student progress and student needs

Keep up to date with developments in subject area, teaching resources and methods

Take class attendance

Participate in school camps and excursions

Contribute to the academic and social life of the school

Cover for absent colleagues

Serve on school committees

Participate in at least one after school activity per term

Take responsibility for the creation and maintenance of a positive work environment

Share resources for the benefit of the school programs

Set a positive example for students

Monitor student uniforms and appearance

Ensure that activities are conducted in a safe and positive environment

Show respect for students, value their individual talents, differentiate according to their abilities, and create opportunities for success

Maintain consistently high expectations for student achievement and behaviour

Ensure that school resources and property are used responsibly

Develop and administer tests according to the curriculum and schools standards

Put forth a top effort to meet a high international standard in all duties mentioned above

Promote the school and protect the integrity of its name

Participate in Marketing Events when asked to

Perform Mentor and Homeroom duties for your students or wards

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