Head of Technology

Kuala Lumpur RM20000 - RM30000

Skills and Requirements

Minimum 5 years experience Technical Lead

Demonstrate leadership, Mentoring a team of Developers

Ability to inspire and mentor a team of developers

Familiar the following technical skill: PHP, AWS, AWS Aurora

Proven track record of Integrating APIs

Job Responsibilities

You will be in charge of our company technology, IT infrastructure and all technological resources, including architecture, development, quality assurance, maintenance and operations.

Half of our daily work involves integrating with various micro payment gateway APIs. 

The other half is about creating data-oriented solutions supporting our marketing (for example building and maintaining web servers, landing pages for advertising campaigns, supporting our data science team, investigating why the conversion rate of some campaigns fluctuates and trying creative ideas for optimizing our campaigns or billing algorithms).

Over years we have accumulated some technical debt and we continue maintaining legacy systems which need modernization. You will devise and execute a plan for upgrading our programs, processes, and technology stack.

During integrations, you contact, negotiate with and clarify any requirements with our external partners. You should be able to think out of the box and come up with original and unconventional solutions to get around constraints in the requirements.

You partner with product, data science, marketing and design leaders across the organization on team-wide initiatives and strategy.

You hire new talents and build a team that focuses on delivering value.

You listen to, coach and mentor your team members, in order to motivate, and challenge your team, and create an inspiring culture and derive innovations.

Establish a learning culture in the company. Encourage individual colleagues to take ownership and to always learn and incorporate smarter solutions.

Foster a culture of data-driven decision-making throughout the company. And boost collaboration within our engineering team and among other colleagues.

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