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  • Company Mission
  • We give  our full commitment in  utilizing medical services and Japanese hospitality to ensure everyone has the access to border less Japanese medical services across Malaysian's region.

  • Our Specialties Services
  • We open clinic everyday which provide services as a family doctor.
  • We support various overseas travel insurance, medical insurance, cashless ·
    Medical service is available.
  • Our clinic is equipped with an Nitrous Oxide device, ultrasonic echo, electrocardiogram, blood / urinalysis device etc. Therefore, we can respond quickly to diseases that require emergency.
  • Japanese interpreters are always attached to medical treatment. In addition, gynecologic care is all medical treatment by female doctors. Our clinic enrolls Japanese translators as well.
  • Bases in Kuala Lumpur, 1 base in Penang. There are three bases in total. We are cooperating with each clinic, so please rest assured that you use different bases.
  • In our clinic, reservation priority system is applied.
  • Each base is a place that Japanese people can use easily.
  • Fulfilling Japanese compliance. 
  • Drug instructions. 


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