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PP Cheah Wealth Advisor is one of the team under One Power Vision or known as OPV. OPV is an authorized insurance agency by AIA Berhad. We are the MDRT builders and regional champion agency consecutively for the past few years. We focuses in recruitment and raising entrepreneur in financial industry with the goal of 5 digit monthly income with period of first 12-months.

We are offering the most comprehensive financial solutions as following:

(A) Individual Life & Takaful Insurance

(B) Insurance Trust & Will

(C) Fixed-Rate Mortgage Loan

(D) Corporate Private Retirement Scheme

(E) Corporate Medical & Life Insurance



Company Registration



working environment

Fun interaction between employees

fast track career advancement

Increased pace of decision making in career

work life balance

Flexible working hours, Working from home/telecommuting

meaningful career

Authentic connection between the work we do

personal development

Development a person's capabilities and potential, facilitate employability, and enhance quality of life and the realization of dreams and aspirations.

rewarding remuneration

Attractive Rewards and Commission, Production Bonus Every 3 Months

business start-up program

Support Financial Scheme up to RM9,000 monthly, Unlimited earning potential with attractive performance incentives

training and development

Training provided, Long-term career development

overseas incentive trips

Achieve goals and be rewarded with the opportunity to travel the world through fully paid vacations with AIA Conventions & Prestige Events

suite of holistic solutions

Individual & Takaful Solutions, Health & Wellness, Wealth Solutions, Corporate Solutions, General Insurance, Retirement & Mortgage

financial scheme support

A one-of-a-kind financing scheme with performance bonus, to support 36-month accelerated roadmap to Million Dollar Agency Premier Leader

best in class training

Highly Efficient Personal development, structured trainings and guided programs with comprehensive career progression and a set roadmap to success

be your own boss

Competency & development programs to help you grow both professionally and personally. Enjoy career advancements and become a Manager in 3 years

aia vitality

AIA Vitality is a unique health programme that actively motivates and rewards you for getting fit and making healthier choices

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