SRS | Hire Candidates Faster with Seekers Boost

SRS Tutorials Jul 02, 2020

Seekers Boost function is one of the top features integrated with the SRS to allow you to receive shortlisted candidates within 1-2 days and provide a possibility for you to finish the entire recruitment process in less than two weeks.

Why is it possible? Let's learn how it works first.

How Seekers Boost Works?

Seekers Boost function is specifically designed to reduce cost and time consumption for every company when it comes to hiring. Most companies spent thousands of ringgit on job portal and recruitment agency, and 70% of the time does provide a productive result.

Here is how Seekers Boost function works in its entirety and how you can benefit the advantage to hire faster than ever.

SRS | Hire Candidates Faster with Seekers Boost-1
Seekers Boosts function prioritize cost and time saving in hiring
  1. Activate Boost
  2. Seekers team enhances your job post (so that you can learn the professional tips as well!)
  3. Over 20,000 Seekers Recruiters find suitable talents for you
  4. You shortlist candidates
  5. End the Boost (1 week)

Why Choose Seekers Boost?

Seekers is the only headhunting tech provider with a network of 20,000 freelance recruiters in Malaysia. This is the key factor for a fast and quality hiring. All 20,000 freelancers are among the professionals; from a junior executive up to a director of a company in each respective industry.

20,000 networks among professionals are ready for you

We have been working very hard to create the freelancers community and to share with you the network whenever possible, all to help you reach the best productivity in hiring.

Try Seekers Boost today!

Since you are the first-time SRS user, you already have ONE complimentary Seekers Boost credit in your account! Please try out the Seekers Boost for your hiring today.


Seekers will empower hiring companies with free job posting platform combined with Google for Jobs SEO, Automated Screening, Performance Analytics, and Headhunting with Recruiters.

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