HRDF - 10 Listed Employer Schemes Review in Malaysia 2020

Employer Aug 21, 2020

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Is your company looking for "Employer Scheme"? Here's a good news, HRDF (Human Resources Development Fund),  under purview of Ministry of Human Resources does provide several schemes for employers.

These schemes aim to catalyze the development of current and future workforce to support Malaysia’s vision of becoming a high-income economy.

Now, let's review the listed schemes by HRDF for year of 2020.

1. Skim Bantuan Latihan (SBL)


To help employers upgrading their employees' skills in terms of business operation.

Scheme Details

This training scheme consist of:

i. In-House (on premise, hotel OR external training places),  public, or local/overseas.

ii. Job coaching.

iii. Mobile Learning.

iv. Coaching & mentoring.

v. Development program.

vi. Online learning consist of e-Learning

2. Skim Bantuan Latihan Khas (SBL-Khas)


To help employers upgrading their employees' skills in terms of business operation.

Scheme Details

An additional aspect of this scheme is the length per session. Minimum training duration = 7 hours.

This training scheme consist of:

i. In-House - Provided to 2- 40 paxs trainees.

ii. For Public - Provided to 1 - 9 paxs trainees.

3. Skim Latihan Bersama (SLB)


To help employers in organizing a joint-training with other registered employers and facilitated by either an in-house trainer or external trainer.

Scheme Details

Require participants from 2 - 40 paxs of trainees, and the cost of training shall be shared by participating employers with number of trainees taken into account.

4. Industrial Training Scheme (ITS)


This scheme is targeted at trainees who undergoing industrial training. The period is from 2 to 8 months period.

Scheme Details

Employer will be provided with financial assistance which are:

i. Monthly allowance: maximum RM 500/month/trainee.

ii. Personal Protective Equipment (1) set.

iii. Insurance Coverage (if any).

iv. Financial assistance is based on 20% of the levy balance when the first application for the year is submitted.

5. Future Workers Training (FWT)


Aid employer in employing talent who will be able to perform with minimum supervision, and who can train future workers with the required skills and competencies before entering the employment.

Scheme Details

Employer also will be receiving financial assistance which are:

i. Course Fee (Public Program)

ii. RM 1,300/day/pax

iii. Other Claimable Cost

iv. Daily Allowance

6. On the Job Training (OJT)


Encourage a skilled worker/supervisor to let train a new employee. The new employee will be receiving skills, knowledge, and competencies that are needed for employees to perform a specific job within the workplace.

Scheme Details

The training can be conducted in series of sessions. At least 1 hour in duration per session, and combined total can be up to 300 hours.

Employer will be receiving financial assistance of :

i. Rm 50/hour/trainee.

ii. Examination cost/trainee.

iii. Learning material (as per receipt).

iv. Others such as  Books, journal, or online submission.

7. Computer Based Training (CBT)


Enable employers to purchase or develop training software to retrain and upgrade the knowledge and skills of their workforce.

Scheme Details

For cases of  employers who wish to develop their own training software, are required to obtain prior approvals (grant) from HRDF by submitting proposal at least one month prior to commence the software development.

The specifications are:  

i. Software must be in the form of CD, DVD, DVD ROM, or video.

ii. Solely for training and learning purposes.

iii. Interactive training programs on specific skills that enable users to learn the skills on their own without an instructor.

iv. Ability to evaluate the learning progress of users.

v. Software that are not eligible under the scheme are software for display or reading purposes or application software used for daily operational activities.  

8. Information Technology (IT)


Encourage employers to retrain their employees further in the field of IT (information technology).

A financial assistance is provided to purchase (desktop/laptop/webcam/internet connection) for the first year only.

Scheme Details

i. Maximum purchasing limit = Rm 25,000.

ii. Applications can be made once in every 3 years.

iii. The number of desktop / laptop provision is "1 computer per 5 employees".

9. Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)


Aims to enable workers to get recognition on their skills, knowledge, or experience.

Scheme Details

DSD (Department of Skills Development) certifies the workers who do not possess normal certification but have obtained the relevant knowledge/experience/skills in the workplace.

Employers will be aided with registration fee of Rm 300/pax/level charged by the DSD.

10. Training Facilities and Renovation (ALAT)


Encourage in-house retraining and skill-upgrade of employees by purchasing training aids for setting up/renovating/enhancing their training rooms. *EXCLUSION: construction of a building, training center/rental of training rooms.

Scheme Details

Employer will be aided with financial assistance of 100%, subjected to a maximum of 30% of the levy balance as in the year of the application is submitted.

Aids Details

Training Equipment/Aids Training Rooms Setup
Television set Wiring for setting up Overhead Projector
VCR (Video Cassette Recorders) Painting of Training Room
VCD (Video Compact Disc) Player or DVD (Digital Video Disc) Player Setting up air-conditioner for training room
Overhead Projector, Multimedia Installing carpet, blinds, glass wall
LCD and Direct Projector Renovation of Training Room Ceiling
Screen and white board Wiring for plugs/sockets
Training tape and video Installing cable for network/internet connections
Training Video Compact Disc -
Slide/Poster/Mannequin -
Chairs and tables for training room only -
Flip Chart Stand -
Notebook (once in 2 years) -


To apply for the listed scheme, employers need to be registered with HRDF.

These grants is the current listing from HRDF. There are possibility of changes by HRDF or Ministry of Human Resources Malaysia along the way.

Source: HRDF

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