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SRS Tutorials Apr 13, 2021

We imagine you are a busy business person, so let us please quickly go through the benefits to use DB Scout. With this function, you can:

  1. Know the proper salary range based on the actual data for Free.
  2. Know the market volume of the talent you are looking for (again, for Free).
  3. Directly hunt candidates so that you can save:
    a) Time - hiring project can be completed within the given period by your boss (or yourself).
    b) Money - not keep throwing the budget on job postings randomly, but you can improve your own headhunting skill.

Alright, let's begin.

1. Input Roughly, Hit Search

To enjoy the function more, we recommend you to input the very rough information. Here we input:

  • A keyword: Accounting
  • Current Salary: up to RM6,000
  • Expected Salary: up to RM6,500
  • Location: Kuala Lumpur

Just like this image below:

2. Push "Search"

Okay 85 Candidates not bad!

Here is a tips, there are some honest candidates who are currently not getting the salary and input the current salary as 0 (zero).

So please make sure that current salary contains zero otherwise you may not hit the max. number of candidates.

3. Digest the Information

Here is the tips to read the Instant-CV well:

  1. Quickly scan the current and expected salary
  2. Read the Resume Insider to judge whether she/he is matched with your needs
  3. Check tags for more discoveries or knowing interesting facts

So that I can understand that she is an Accounting specialist who is 29 years old, getting 3.6k but may want around 4k? Then, she's familiar with some accounting systems, and yeah, having the degree. Can perform Marketing as well?

Just like this.

Next Chapter: Advanced Skill - Tag Combination

Thank you for reading during your important working hour! We truly believe in that DB Scout helps you to engage better candidates faster than other platforms.

If you would like to know more about this function, please click the link below to read the next chapter.

DB Scout Advanced - Tag Combination Skill
The advanced skill Tag-combination enables you to find more relevant candidates with more information. Learn and start finding now.

Thank you!


Seekers will empower hiring companies with free job posting platform combined with Google for Jobs SEO, Automated Screening, Performance Analytics, and Headhunting with Recruiters.

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